How I work

Hi, I’m Cassie, a thirty-something Photographer, Graphic Designer, Maker and Writer. I live in the Midlands and can be found lurking in parks, pretty places and, more recently, soft play centres around Leamington Spa.

I am a natural light photographer, meaning I don’t use studios and I very rarely use any artificial light sources (apart from the odd bit of flash when needed). I am somewhere between a lifestyle and a fine art photographer. I prefer to photograph real moments than ones that are created for me, but at the same time, I can gently coerce you into beautiful compositions without you, hopefully, noticing too much. Above all else, I want to tell your story through the images I record.

I’ve been taking photographs ever since I was given my first clunky old SLR by my late Grandfather when I was fifteen; but the seed was planted way before then. I was always obsessed with the photo albums in and around our house and especially the ones taken by my late father, a keen amateur photographer himself. Photographs are a window to another time, a way to capture a feeling and hold onto it forever; and as a person that sees the world through prematurely nostalgic eyes, it was inevitable that I end up where I am today.

Taking photographs is such a privilege. I’m recording history, marking people’s place in time – a resounding “I woz ‘ere” for future generations.

Please read on for information about how I work.


Finding the right wedding photographer is a huge deal. I often find that my role goes beyond just capturing the day’s events and instead I become part of it, offering advice, help, a tiny pair of scissors at just the right time, a lesson in tying a cravat, emergency sewing, or attaching a buttonhole. I’ve even been known to schedule entire days when needed! But despite all of this, I’m a quiet presence, one that you hopefully get used to being around in the background, so that you’re totally comfortable with me being there.

I always meet my couples well in advance of the big day. I ask for a schedule so that we know what’s happening at all times and I make sure I’m well prepared. More importantly, we build up a relationship, so that by the time you’re in front of my lens, you’re totally at ease and excited to be photographed.

Every wedding is different and every couple is different and I think my photography reflects that. Some are quieter, more intimate, more about small moments that flit by quickly and are easily missed by most. On those days, it’s my job to fade into the background and be there with the occasional supportive comment, some very gentle direction if needed and to just observe and react, to grab those moments.

Other days are big, loud, raucous events with never-ending extending families and lots of laughter. The couple might be fun-loving and expressive. On those days, I will put on another hat entirely and be more involved, faster-paced, encourage more silliness and fun.

But above all else, I believe that it’s my job to tell your unique story, no one else’s, and certainly not my own. I want to capture real, beautiful moments that mean something to you, that you will look back on when you’re old and grey and laugh at, smile at, cry at.

If that sounds like the kind of photographer you would like to work with, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Families & Babies

My family shoots are always relaxed and fun and often my clients say they almost forget they are being photographed. I join in with the kids, get them playing and relaxed around me, and then just stop you every now and then when we reach a pretty spot that I think will work. It’s commonly the shots you don’t even know were being taken that end up the treasured ones – where you see yourselves as you naturally are, and see the way your children smile at you when they’re having fun, and the little moments of care and love that usually pass by unnoticed. Family shoots always take place outdoors, either in a park, a wood, or a favourite location of the family’s, so that we have maximum fun and pretty light. I also like to shoot early in the morning, or in the two hours before sunset, to get the best warm glowing light.

For babies, I come to your home and take my time. I have a son of my own and totally understand that babies have their own schedules. Again, I use natural light only, no studio lighting, and my pictures aim to capture the natural beauty of those first days, weeks or months. I don’t go in for very highly posed images with props. I work with your baby and you (and your other family members where applicable) to bring out the real emotion of the early days of life. Little details that you will want to remember forever, that flit by so quickly.