December 2016



I loved these two girls. They were smart, fun, self-assured and sweet, and they obviously loved each other in a way that only sisters do. I had a lot of fun racing round the park climbing trees with them and finding out about their cuddly toys, who had been with them since birth. I was […]

A pre Christmas baby shoot

In all the Christmas busy-ness and excitement, I completely forgot to post this lovely little shoot that took place at this little poppet’s grandparents’ house. It was a fun, cute shoot, with lots of smiles. Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

A family shoot with the BEST winter sunlight

Sometimes, fate hands you the best light ever and you are also blessed with a beautiful family to grace your lens. As luck would have it, that’s just what happened for this gorgeous¬†shoot – the light was so, so yummy and I grabbed as much of it as I could. These are some of my […]

A winter’s day and a gorgeous brood

I went to school with this lovely mum, and it’s been almost twenty years (gulp!) since we saw each other, so it was so lovely to be able to meet up with her and her family to capture these beautiful shots of them all together and to see how happy she is. Good old Jephson […]