June 2017


Tattoos and Trees

I met this gorgeous little family recently after they won a photoshoot with me, in a raffle to raise money for Warwick SCBU & Swan Ward. We had such a fun time, in the random weather (with a slight downpour that made us feel like we were in a rainforest), exploring with their gorgeous little […]

A wedding shoot at Kenilworth Castle

I have to say, this was a bit of a dream shoot for me, wandering round the castle grounds in the early morning while reenactment folk emerged, in full costume, from their medieval-style tents. It really did feel like we had stepped¬†back in time. And lucky old me got to follow this gorgeous couple around […]

A beautiful baby brother shoot

I kind of fell in love with the 70s vibe of the house in this photoshoot. I love the airy, open-plan feel of those sorts of homes, and it was really fun to shoot in this space, especially with a family who have such great taste in furniture! So many gorgeous chairs! It also helps […]