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Toucan Blue T Shirt Shoot

I’m loving working with this lovely local clothing brand. The clothing is so cute and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of representing a brand, understanding their aesthetic and helping them to develop their look and feel. They’ve just launched a new range of T shirts and we went for a romp in the woods to […]

Big sister, little sister

I spent a lovely morning with this beautiful family, to welcome their new baby. I love seeing older children getting to know their knew siblings and watching the love grow.

A beautiful baby brother shoot

I kind of fell in love with the 70s vibe of the house in this photoshoot. I love the airy, open-plan feel of those sorts of homes, and it was really fun to shoot in this space, especially with a family who have such great taste in furniture! So many gorgeous chairs! It also helps […]

A beautiful baby boy shoot

I know I go on about it a lot, but I love meeting people through this amazing job that I have, and this shoot was no exception. Their little boy was so alert, so interested in the world already, and so smiley! I think this baby will be one smart cookie. The beautiful quilted blanket […]

Bluebells in Oakley Woods

It’s bluebell season! And this is the perfect spot to capture the gorgeousness of bluebells with a photoshoot. We had a lovely walk, hunting down these beautiful flowers in the woods (as well as bears, of course) and watching these two cute brothers play together and with their lovely little sister.

A Beautiful Woodland Walk

I’ve never been to this village before, but I was so blown away by how pretty it was. We wandered through the woodlands, past a beautiful river, picking flowers, climbing trees and generally racing around with this super-cute family. This shoot was particularly lovely because it featured 3 generations of family: the dad’s dad and […]

A Springtime Family Park Shoot

Family shoots are so much fun, especially when you get a range of siblings to work with. I love seeing how the different ages interact, and the different stages of childhood unfolding. We had so much fun exploring the park this day, finding trees to climb and flowers to smell and ducks to chase, while […]

A sweet newborn shoot

This little guy reminded me a lot of my son: active, wide eyed and curious about everything. We had a lovely morning hanging out and capturing his early days.

A fabulous twins shoot

These two boys were just the CUTEST little guys, with beautiful little cherub cheeks and the sweetest dispositions. We had a lovely day hanging out and I loved meeting the whole gorgeous family – especially as mum is a photographer herself, so we had lots to chat about!

A commercial shoot for Toucan Blue Kids’ Clothing

I love supporting small businesses! And even better when it’s run by a local mum with kids the same age as mine. I know all too well the work that goes into running your own business and looking after a tiny human, so it’s amazing to be able to work with great brands like these. Toucan […]