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A fun family shoot at Coombe Abbey

What a great day out this was! We had a lovely run around the gorgeous Coombe Abbey Park and the hotel gardens with two very energetic boys and their brand new baby brother. I love capturing siblings together and these two had a lovely relationship and obviously adored their new brother. My fave shots from this day are […]

A Stratford in-home newborn and toddler shoot

One of the things that gets me about doing home family shoots is how intimate it is, and how much of a privilege it is to be invited into that space, where exhausted, radiant new mums and dads look adoringly at their new offspring. I often find myself talking to the mums about their childbirth […]

A (slightly delayed) stunning newborn in-home shoot

I was so glad to finally meet this little family. As I often say in these posts, babies have their own schedules, and I remember only too well how crazy and unpredictable those early days of parenting can be. This little guy had a few ups and downs early on, so it took us a […]

A stunning woodland family shoot

The sun came and went throughout our time in the woods this day, but when it was there, it made itself known. There was a little mist on the ground, and even a short hail shower just before we started, and it was a cold day, but it gave the woods a crisp, sharp edge […]

A pre Christmas baby shoot

In all the Christmas busy-ness and excitement, I completely forgot to post this lovely little shoot that took place at this little poppet’s grandparents’ house. It was a fun, cute shoot, with lots of smiles. Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

A sibling shoot in Leamington Spa

Sibling relationships are unique and precious things. Seeing this group of brothers and sisters reminded me of my own family, which also has big age gaps between my siblings and me. I loved watching them tease and torment each other, because that’s what family love looks like. In fact, looking at them again, I think […]