A sibling shoot in Leamington Spa

November 29, 2016

Sibling relationships are unique and precious things. Seeing this group of brothers and sisters reminded me of my own family, which also has big age gaps between my siblings and me. I loved watching them tease and torment each other, because that’s what family love looks like.

In fact, looking at them again, I think this shoot really sums up what it is I am trying to acheive as a photographer. The shoot was a bit chaotic, the toddler was running riot and didn’t want to cooperate, it was difficult to get everyone looking at me at the same time – but I loved it, because what came out of that was the real, chaotic love between a family and the shots are so much better for that. Yes, I want to make you look great, but mostly I’m there to record you, to capture you, to put you in a bottle that you can open at any time in the future and you’ll be taken right back to that day when you wandered round the park with your crazy little sister, and your little brother who kept climbing everything and your older brother who put you in a headlock as you walked through the park.

There are so many gorgeous moments in this shoot, it’s hard to choose, but I hope you love the selection I’ve made as much as I do. Don’t foget to get in touch if you want to discuss the possibility of a family shoot with me this autumn.