February 2016


Book Excerpt

A timid but insistent knocking brings me slowly back to consciousness and I open my eyes to see an empty vodka bottle about four inches from my face. My head is heavy and throbbing, my eyes sting, my mouth is dry with cigarettes and dehydration, my stomach gurgles insistently and my skin is oily. The […]

A beautiful baby boy shoot

Babies are not easy to work with, it’s true. They very much have their own agenda and there’s not a lot you can do once they’ve made their minds up! This little man was very much the master of his own destiny, which on the day of the shoot included not wanting to be naked […]

Book Excerpt

She was twenty three when she met Jerry, and she was working in another bar in another busy town in another remote country. Her days were spent sitting in cafés alone, eeking out a pot of tea for hours on end while reading a book. Just a face in the crowd, same as usual. She […]

Our little man

It’s fair to say the last nine months of my life have been a little crazy. Back in May, I gave birth to a delightful bundle of squishiness and love and our lives were turned upside down. Two days into life on this planet, he started to scream…and he didn’t stop. He screamed, he fed, […]