November 2016


A sibling shoot in Leamington Spa

Sibling relationships are unique and precious things. Seeing this group of brothers and sisters reminded me of my own family, which also has big age gaps between my siblings and me. I loved watching them tease and torment each other, because that’s what family love looks like. In fact, looking at them again, I think […]

A wintry woodland family shoot

What a lovely time we had, wandering through the woods on a winter’s afternoon with this adorable family. I love seeing siblings playing together and these two were especially sweet together as they explored the trees, jumped off stumps and stomped in the mud. Get in touch now if you’re thinking of a wintry walk […]

A newborn and a toddler

Newborns always make for a joyful photoshoot, as do toddlers. Put the two together and you’re all set for a lot of fun and laughter. These two brothers and their parents were so welcoming and warm and I loved seeing their first son getting used to his new role as big brother.