A Jephson’s Garden Wedding

May 21, 2018

Finding this couple (or them finding me) felt rather serendipitous. When they described their plans for their wedding, I totally got it and in fact many of the things they did and the vows they made were things my husband and I did ourselves, so it was an absolute delight to be able to photograph their big day. It started with an awesome engagement shoot in Digbeth, Bham a few months ago and I knew then we would have a lot of fun on their wedding day. They did not disappoint! It was a totally joyous day, a real meeting of minds and hearts and so much fun! There was swing dancing, boat rides, comedy skits, walks in the forest, a beer ceremony…it was just lovely and a perfect reflection of this truly lovely couple. I hope I get to see these guys again and I really hope I get them in front of my lens again some day :-)