A natural newborn shoot

January 5, 2017

Anyone who’s ever had a baby in their lives knows that all they want in the early days is their mummy – the closeness, contact, the feeling of their mother’s skin on theirs – and his little guy was no different. Despite our best efforts, little Leo was far too comfy with his mummy to be put down; but I’m glad that was the case, because instead of posed images, what this family now have is a time capsule of images to take them back to those precious early days, when you can’t put them down, when all they need is you, when you’ve just become a bigger family and you’re all still getting used to it, settling in, getting to know each other. These images remind me of my own early days of motherhood. They’re a bit of a new style for me. I wanted the images to be intimate, darker than usual to bring you in to the photos and feel part of the moment.