July 7, 2016

Some of you may be aware that there’s something rather exciting happening in my life very soon. I’m marrying my partner in crime, life and love, Edward. Organising said wedding seems to have become my full time job of late, which is not something I aimed to do, but also not something I’m too surprised by. Wedding are complicated affairs, and as we are doing the whole thing ourselves, we’ve not made it easy. We will be off to France for a week of fabulous chateau-dwelling, wine-drinking and cheese-eating joy with a committed bunch of friends and family who will be there to share the big day with us. We’re so excited.

The whole day will be recorded by the incredible Charlie Kingland-Barrow of CKB Photography – a fine art turned wedding photographer who shoots on film. This pleases me greatly. I’ve always had a major soft spot for film and having recently inherited a lot of old SLRs and lenses, I’m hoping to have a little dabble myself in the near future. Anyway, if you want to read about our wedding and all the planning that has gone into it, pop on over to French Wedding Style and you can read my monthly blog all about it.

In other news, I had a very interesting and encouraging (and long) chat with a rather wonderful literary agent about a short story that I entered into a competition a while back, which I also blogged about previously. This has confirmed to me that I may actually be able to string words together in a pleasing fashion and that other people might enjoy reading them, which all in all is everything I ever wanted out of life. She has encouraged me to continue with a project I’ve been working on, of a novel based on that short story and I’ve been tentatively putting some of those thoughts onto paper and subsequently into google docs. I’m trying my hardest not to be affected by the pressure of expectation and just write but it’s easier said than done. I shall persevere.

The upshot of all this excitement is that my photography has been taking something of a back seat while everything else takes over. I miss my camera when I’m away from it. I feel guilty for leaving it alone.

Luckily, the weekend gave me the opportunity to take a few photos of my delightful soon-to-be-niece. I adore her. I expect you can see why.