Leamington newborn in-home session

January 31, 2018

This gorgeous family have been with me since the early days of being a professional photographer – I photographed their little boy as a brand new baby about three years ago (almost to the day in fact) and it was their session that made me think that yes, I could do this, and I wanted to do this. I was so happy to be able to go back and capture the early days of their latest arrival, a gorgeous baby girl (who is the spitting image of her big brother). It’s so wonderful to see families grow and change and to be able to be there to record that, so they can always look back and remember what this time was like. We all know how hard those early, sleep-deprived days are, and I don’t remember much of my early motherhood! When I photograph a newborn, it’s not just about them – it’s about the family, and the parents, and how they’ve all changed and grown together. That’s what “lifestyle family photography” really means to me. And I love it.