September 24, 2017

I’ve been a bit quiet on the updates front recently, and the truth is, I have a lot to juggle. As a mum of a two year old with two (possibly three) different jobs, I do struggle to keep up with life sometimes. It’s overwhelming at times, all the things life asks of us. So, I booked us a weekend away in Wales to get away from it all, just the three of us. We spent the day at New Quay (not Newquay!) and the beach there was lovely, with lots of pretty boats and a breathtaking expanse of sea to look at. I’ve recently completed my first novel and am editing it, and it’s set by the sea, so it was a great way to get my head back into that world after a long spell in the real world, being a photographer and a graphic designer. But then, wow, what a lucky human I am that out of all the careers in the world, I managed to find one (or two, or three…) so rewarding and meaningful; to me, at least.

These are a few shots I took while we were away.