My niece is more like my little sister. She’s only 7 years younger than me and came on most of our family holidays when we were kids. When I was 19, I went off adventuring to New Zealand and Australia and came back determined to move out there and lead a life of outdoor fun, with […]

I’m always impressed with any family who manage to look this good with a newborn, but these guys managed it with three children under four, and just look how gorgeous they all are! This was such a sweet, fun shoot and their new addition loved the camera. If you’re thinking of capturing your family at […]

Fairlawns Hotel wedding

Back in the summer I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful wedding at Fairlawns Hotel in Aldridge, alongside my good friend Karl Randay, who was on bride prep duty while I was on groom and groomsmen! It was a joyful day, full of laughter and fun. Here are a few of my favourite shots […]

In home baby shoot

Some of you may know that I am also a graphic designer, and in the pre-baby years, when I had more time, I designed wedding invitations, with my company Ink Love. When this family got in touch to ask about a photoshoot, I immediately recognised the name and realised that I had in fact designed their wedding […]

I tried a new location last weekend – the lovely Priory Park, which is quite a spacious park full of trees and big hills. I photographed this family a couple of years ago when their little boy was born and they got back in touch recently to have some new photos. It was such a joy […]

Super siblings

Meeting siblings is one of my favourite things about family photoshoots, because the relationship between brothers and sisters is just so unique and wonderful. These two were especially gorgeous together, and I enjoyed photographing this family so much. The beautiful autumn colours certainly helped, too!

Skylark Farm Wedding

Back in the summer, I had the absolute joy and pleasure of photographing this beautiful wedding at Skylark Farm on the edge of Northamptonshire. Ellie and Matt are such a fantastic couple, with so much love and respect for each other, it was a rather emotional occasion to say the least. And also – the most […]

Every time the seasons shift, I think we’ve just entered my favourite season, but Autumn will always hold a special place in my heart, and my photographer’s eye!All these beautiful hues and gorgeous golden light – you really can’t beat it. And what a joy it is to run round the stunning Jephson Gardens with a […]

I love an outdoor wedding, so I was over the moon to have these gorgeous ladies invite me to photograph their wedding in the Surrey countryside. Westmead Events is a gorgeous venue, intimate but rural, and this wedding was one of the prettiest and most personal I’ve been to, with fun touches like an ice cream truck, […]

I’ve known this bride a long time and it was such an honour to be asked to photograph her wedding. And what a beautiful day it was! I may have definitely cried during the ceremony…and my goodness, doesn’t she look beautiful?! I’m so happy for this lovely couple and so happy to have been a […]

Finding this couple (or them finding me) felt rather serendipitous. When they described their plans for their wedding, I totally got it and in fact many of the things they did and the vows they made were things my husband and I did ourselves, so it was an absolute delight to be able to photograph […]

A new family member

I love seeing a new family all together, and I love seeing a kid become a brother or sister. This little guy was so cute with his new brother, and was obviously so proud to be a big brother himself.

Nana and her grandkids

I officially LOVE grandparent shoots. There’s something so special about the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren that I just adore. Combine that with the most lovely girls, who were such sweet, fun and individual kids and you’ve got a shoot made in heaven for me. I loved spending time with these feisty, sweet and […]

It’s always lovely to meet new families and I really enjoyed hanging out with this lovely lot. It was also really fun to photograph an almost-teenager, as it’s usually younger children in front of my lens. I also loved their gorgeous home and all the fun things in it!

This gorgeous family have been with me since the early days of being a professional photographer – I photographed their little boy as a brand new baby about three years ago (almost to the day in fact) and it was their session that made me think that yes, I could do this, and I wanted […]

OMG I LOVE THIS SHOOT. These guys were so much fun to hang out with and they were great at posing. Most of all, they were totally loved up, and it shows. They even busted out some lindy hop at the top of a metal staircase overlooking an industrial carpark. It doesn’t get any better […]

Ansty Church Wedding

These two lovely people were just so lovely to work with. They were sweet and fun and really laid back. They weren’t even phased by the rain! And there was a lot of rain on this day. Luckily, we managed to work around it and it didn’t put even the tiniest dampener on the day. […]

Birmingham Winter

It’s always wonderful to be able to meet up with old friends, so it was great to do a shoot for an old schoolfriend and netball teammate whom I’d not seen for twenty years. TWENTY YEARS! How in the world did that happen? I photographed her beautiful little family in their favourite spot of Moseley […]

Some people say to me ‘it must be hard getting children to cooperate’. The truth is, I never mind, because that energy that kids have is the very thing I love to capture. Throw a dog into the mix and it adds a whole new element, especially a dog that thinks it’s a puppy! But […]

I’ve only done one shoot before with grandparents involved, but never one just with grandparents, and now I want to do more!  Grandparents can be so integral to our children’s lives (and ours!) and I absolutely loved capturing that unique bond.

Sometimes, the light and the people and the place just work and you end up with a set of images that just glow. I was so lucky to get to photograph my lovely friend with her beautiful family at Compton Verney recently and these images are some of my favourite ever.

A golf course engagement

I first met this beautiful bride-to-be back in the summer, after a bit of a Facebook exchange about her upcoming nuptials. I met her for a drink in a local pub and we bonded over being mums to toddlers. I was so pleased when she told me she’d chosen me to photograph her wedding. Apart […]

A wintry walk

It was a lovely sunny, chilly day in the park last Sunday, playing with these gorgeous little people. I’ve never had such a smiley pair! We covered a lot of ground, racing around the park and seeing all their favourite bits as well as seeing some new bits they’d never seen before.

Toucan Blue winter shoot

I do love working with Toucan Blue. It feels like our two styles work together so well. Their laid-back, nostalgic and fun clothing brand for kids and my whimsical, easy-going photography style compliment each other beautifully, so I’m always excited to photograph their new stock. It also makes me look at the images differently, because […]

I tried something new this month – minishoots! I went along to a wonderful little playgroup and did a few short shoots for some of the families there, during their regular play session. It was a very different thing from my usual hour or two shoots, but I think we captured some lovely shots. Here […]

Down on the farm

Doing this job, you get to discover a lot of hidden gems, and some of those are just beautiful little slices of countryside you’d never normally get to see. This pretty farm is one of those places, and being able to photograph this lovely, friendly young family on their own turf was a joy. We […]

This beautiful bride-to-be is the sister-in-law of one of my previous wedding clients and I’m so happy to be photographing their winter wedding in just a few weeks from now! I’m sure it’s going to be a fabulous day and this pair are going to be so much fun to photograph. Their relationship shone through in these […]

Last year I photographed a gorgeous, intimate wedding in Warwick. One of the people who saw those photos was their friend, Emily, who got in touch earlier this year to book me for her upcoming nuptials. I love getting new clients this way, because I know they’ve seen something in my work that they like […]

A village romp

As part of my blimmin lovely job, I get to explore so many lovely villages around Warwickshire that I may never otherwise have even seen. Pretty little hamlets with village greens and beautiful woodlands, places surrounded by fields and viewpoints that give you miles of uninterrupted countryside to gaze at. I got all of that […]

I’ve known about Nikki longer than I’ve known Nikki – she’s something of a local celebrity. Her facebook page “Mum Knows Best Warwickshire” has been an absolute lifeline to me since having my son two years ago. Nikki works tirelessly to help local mums with advice, support and entertainment, and as well as this, she runs a great […]


I’ve been a bit quiet on the updates front recently, and the truth is, I have a lot to juggle. As a mum of a two year old with two (possibly three) different jobs, I do struggle to keep up with life sometimes. It’s overwhelming at times, all the things life asks of us. So, […]

The brink of autumn

Brr! It’s a bit chilly today. But you know what? That autumn light is starting to look really tasty. Golden and low and warm. So it’s definitely time to get that photoshoot booked that you’ve been thinking about for so long! In the meantime, why not take a look through this lovely little family shoot […]

Party of Five

If you’ve never been to Compton Verney, you should totally go! It’s a beautiful old house with beautiful grounds and a gorgeous gallery full of artwork. This lovely couple got married there and now they’re back, along with their three adorable children, and, of course, me! We had a great time wandering round, looking at […]


It was lovely to see so many generations of a family together for this shoot, and this little boy was so full of love for all his relatives. He was so excited to see them all and to sit with them and have fun with them. It was a joy to capture them all together […]

Park Life

It’s been a week full of park fun and beautiful faces! These are some of my favourite shots from this latest Jephson Gardens shoot, with the sweetest family, who have just welcomed their latest addition.

I’m loving working with this lovely local clothing brand. The clothing is so cute and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of representing a brand, understanding their aesthetic and helping them to develop their look and feel. They’ve just launched a new range of T shirts and we went for a romp in the woods to […]

Love & Faith

This summer I spent a fabulous day as second photographer for the wonderful Michelle at Silverstar Photographic, at a beautiful church wedding in the Midlands. There was so much love in the room for this couple! Then it was on to the stunning Limes Country Lodge Hotel in Earlswood for the reception, with a fabulous BBQ feast, […]

Tattoos and Trees

I met this gorgeous little family recently after they won a photoshoot with me, in a raffle to raise money for Warwick SCBU & Swan Ward. We had such a fun time, in the random weather (with a slight downpour that made us feel like we were in a rainforest), exploring with their gorgeous little […]

I have to say, this was a bit of a dream shoot for me, wandering round the castle grounds in the early morning while reenactment folk emerged, in full costume, from their medieval-style tents. It really did feel like we had stepped back in time. And lucky old me got to follow this gorgeous couple around […]

I kind of fell in love with the 70s vibe of the house in this photoshoot. I love the airy, open-plan feel of those sorts of homes, and it was really fun to shoot in this space, especially with a family who have such great taste in furniture! So many gorgeous chairs! It also helps […]

I spent a lovely day with this gorgeous family, capturing the new relationship between these two cute brothers. And I reckon it was love! We got some lovely shots at home, followed by a walk through the gorgeous countryside in the sunshine. Perfect day, perfect little family.

I know I go on about it a lot, but I love meeting people through this amazing job that I have, and this shoot was no exception. Their little boy was so alert, so interested in the world already, and so smiley! I think this baby will be one smart cookie. The beautiful quilted blanket […]

It’s bluebell season! And this is the perfect spot to capture the gorgeousness of bluebells with a photoshoot. We had a lovely walk, hunting down these beautiful flowers in the woods (as well as bears, of course) and watching these two cute brothers play together and with their lovely little sister.

I’ve never been to this village before, but I was so blown away by how pretty it was. We wandered through the woodlands, past a beautiful river, picking flowers, climbing trees and generally racing around with this super-cute family. This shoot was particularly lovely because it featured 3 generations of family: the dad’s dad and […]

Family shoots are so much fun, especially when you get a range of siblings to work with. I love seeing how the different ages interact, and the different stages of childhood unfolding. We had so much fun exploring the park this day, finding trees to climb and flowers to smell and ducks to chase, while […]

These two boys were just the CUTEST little guys, with beautiful little cherub cheeks and the sweetest dispositions. We had a lovely day hanging out and I loved meeting the whole gorgeous family – especially as mum is a photographer herself, so we had lots to chat about!

What a great day out this was! We had a lovely run around the gorgeous Coombe Abbey Park and the hotel gardens with two very energetic boys and their brand new baby brother. I love capturing siblings together and these two had a lovely relationship and obviously adored their new brother. My fave shots from this day are […]

One of the things that gets me about doing home family shoots is how intimate it is, and how much of a privilege it is to be invited into that space, where exhausted, radiant new mums and dads look adoringly at their new offspring. I often find myself talking to the mums about their childbirth […]

The sun came and went throughout our time in the woods this day, but when it was there, it made itself known. There was a little mist on the ground, and even a short hail shower just before we started, and it was a cold day, but it gave the woods a crisp, sharp edge […]

A new addition

One of the things I love most about my job is the little glimpses into people’s lives that I get. The snapshots of how other people spend their days, the ways they interact, the relationships, the love. And that’s what I aim to record when I turn up on your doorstep, or meet you in […]

I am giving away 3 free engagements shoots! To enter, share my Facebook post and leave a comment on it and then like my Facebook page. Ts & Cs Entrants must be over 18 years of age You must be engaged to be married and planning your wedding within the next 2 years You must not […]

2016 was a year filled with family fun for me. I spent many a Sunday running around parks, climbing trees, chasing squirrels, throwing leaves, feeding ducks and – most of all – capturing beautiful family moments. My aim with my family shoots has always been to get people having fun in a way that is […]

As I drove across the countryside towards the canal, through a soupy, creamy, thick fog, I was worried. I hadn’t shot in thick fog before and I had no idea if it would work. Add to that the fact that we were shooting on a canal side, which seriously limits my ability to run circles […]

This was a really fun shoot, meeting a family who recently became four. Baby shoots and family shoots don’t have to be indoors, you can always wrap up and go for a day in the park, and in my experience, this works out great for the toddlers and children, who tend to hate staying still […]

Anyone who’s ever had a baby in their lives knows that all they want in the early days is their mummy – the closeness, contact, the feeling of their mother’s skin on theirs – and his little guy was no different. Despite our best efforts, little Leo was far too comfy with his mummy to be put […]

2016 has been one hell of a year for me, both professionally and personally. It’s the year I went back to work after becoming a parent, it’s the year I started taking on my own weddings, it was the launch of my family photography business. I’ve loved this year in so many ways. I’ve had […]


I loved these two girls. They were smart, fun, self-assured and sweet, and they obviously loved each other in a way that only sisters do. I had a lot of fun racing round the park climbing trees with them and finding out about their cuddly toys, who had been with them since birth. I was […]

In all the Christmas busy-ness and excitement, I completely forgot to post this lovely little shoot that took place at this little poppet’s grandparents’ house. It was a fun, cute shoot, with lots of smiles. Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

Sometimes, fate hands you the best light ever and you are also blessed with a beautiful family to grace your lens. As luck would have it, that’s just what happened for this gorgeous shoot – the light was so, so yummy and I grabbed as much of it as I could. These are some of my […]

Sibling relationships are unique and precious things. Seeing this group of brothers and sisters reminded me of my own family, which also has big age gaps between my siblings and me. I loved watching them tease and torment each other, because that’s what family love looks like. In fact, looking at them again, I think […]

What a lovely time we had, wandering through the woods on a winter’s afternoon with this adorable family. I love seeing siblings playing together and these two were especially sweet together as they explored the trees, jumped off stumps and stomped in the mud. Get in touch now if you’re thinking of a wintry walk […]

A newborn and a toddler

Newborns always make for a joyful photoshoot, as do toddlers. Put the two together and you’re all set for a lot of fun and laughter. These two brothers and their parents were so welcoming and warm and I loved seeing their first son getting used to his new role as big brother.

I met Clare and Neil through a local Mum’s group on Facebook, where I was recommended to Clare by some clients of mine. They were a little nervous about having a photographer at their wedding, and it was a bit of a last minute decision to even have one. Their wedding, they told me, was […]

I loved this shoot. The little boy in these photos was an absolute whirlwind of energy and fun, and we raced around the park together, climbing trees, blowing bubbles and chasing squirrels for the whole time we were there. It was joyous. Not only that, this little boy obviously loves his mummy so much and […]

Beautiful Baby Sebastian

This little boy was an absolute joy to photograph, so sweet and patient and not a single hilarious no-nappy accident! We had a lovely morning capturing the first stage of this gorgeous boy’s life. Here’s a small selection of the shots we got on the day.

Yes, it’s true, I’m running a competition to find a truly outstanding wedding to photograph in 2017! I want to find a couple who are unique, either in style, location, type of ceremony or just because they have a great story to tell. And if your plans grab me, I will photograph your wedding for […]

Back in July, I spent a fabulous day in Devon at the gorgeous Bickleigh Castle photographing the wedding of Kelly & Joe. It was a stunning location and the bride and groom were two of the most chilled out  I was playing second fiddle to my friend (and photographer extraordinaire) Will Clarke and it was the first time […]

A friend’s wedding

I was lucky enough to be a guest at a wedding recently, rather than a jobbing tog. I met S & J when we were pregnant, at our antenatal classes, though it turned out my husband already knew J from years back. I like when life has these little surprises, these overlaps of people and […]

I absolutely love doing family shoots. I love seeing the connection between parents and their children, I love how expressive and free babies and kids are, and how being with their kids makes parents the same. I love running and jumping and playing and having fun and all the things that come with being with […]

These two have to be up there for favourite clients of all time. So warm, welcoming and great fun, they are just Good Humans. Hence, I loved shooting their big day and I am so pleased with the results, because more than anything, the love they have for each other just shines out of the […]

So I went out and got some new lenses this week. I normally hire lenses for weddings, but the time had come to invest, so I have done. New lenses give me a whole new perspective and I’m really excited to get out there with them and play around. For now, I took the opportunity […]


Some of you may be aware that there’s something rather exciting happening in my life very soon. I’m marrying my partner in crime, life and love, Edward. Organising said wedding seems to have become my full time job of late, which is not something I aimed to do, but also not something I’m too surprised […]

Book Excerpt

Peter The ringtone is long and alien. My heart pounds in my ears. On the third ring, she picks up and her voice is sharp and muffled. “Where the fuck have you been?” “Claire, I’m so sorry. I’m out of the country, my phone died…” “It’s been almost a month, Pete! A whole month! Have […]

Book Excerpt

Her fingers hover over the keys. She stares at the letter C, wondering what the hell she is doing, trying to picture her sister as a fully grown adult woman, strong and smart, with breasts, coiffed hair, a handbag, a set of keys. All she can manage is an overgrown version of her freckled, gap-toothed, […]

We scooted down to London this weekend to see the Tom Lewis exhibition, which is amazing. If you don’t know anything about Tom’s work, you’re in for a treat and if you do know his work, you will not be disappointed by these new offerings. Still with hints of Japanese influence, but with a more traditional Chinese […]

I recently spent a day wandering the streets of Stratford Upon Avon with Liv and James, as they relived their first date. Cream tea, a visit to the Wizard Museum, a walk by the river, a Baileys coffee afterwards. It rained, but they still laughed and enjoyed themselves, as did I. Look out for their […]


So, I became a Mum. But this is not my baby! What a journey it’s already been and we’re only 4 weeks in. I will be writing a (much longer) post about it all some day soon, when things have calmed down; but in the meantime, there is this. One of the highlights of parenthood […]

It’s fair to say there’s a lot going on right now. Firstly, and most prominently, we are having a baby. I’m currently 25 weeks and loving being pregnant. Feeling our baby wriggling around and kicking is the most incredible sensation and makes me smile every time. Secondly, we are buying a house. It’s all a […]

Book Excerpt

A timid but insistent knocking brings me slowly back to consciousness and I open my eyes to see an empty vodka bottle about four inches from my face. My head is heavy and throbbing, my eyes sting, my mouth is dry with cigarettes and dehydration, my stomach gurgles insistently and my skin is oily. The […]

Babies are not easy to work with, it’s true. They very much have their own agenda and there’s not a lot you can do once they’ve made their minds up! This little man was very much the master of his own destiny, which on the day of the shoot included not wanting to be naked […]

Book Excerpt

She was twenty three when she met Jerry, and she was working in another bar in another busy town in another remote country. Her days were spent sitting in cafés alone, eeking out a pot of tea for hours on end while reading a book. Just a face in the crowd, same as usual. She […]

Our little man

It’s fair to say the last nine months of my life have been a little crazy. Back in May, I gave birth to a delightful bundle of squishiness and love and our lives were turned upside down. Two days into life on this planet, he started to scream…and he didn’t stop. He screamed, he fed, […]

I had a wonderful day back in June photographing Paul and Charlotte’s wedding at Ansty Hall, Coventry, alongside the amazing Mr. Karl Randay. It was a day filled with happiness and lovely people, and a gorgeous bride and groom to boot. What more could I ask for? Here are a few of my favourite shots from […]