Best of Family and Babies 2016

January 9, 2017

2016 was a year filled with family fun for me. I spent many a Sunday running around parks, climbing trees, chasing squirrels, throwing leaves, feeding ducks and – most of all – capturing beautiful family moments. My aim with my family shoots has always been to get people having fun in a way that is natural to them, because that’s when everyone looks their most beautiful. If I can capture a genuine moment of joy, that’s worth a million props to me. Before this year, family shoots intimidated me a bit. There were so many things to consider, so many age groups to accommodate and different personalities to work with, but I can honestly say there’s not been one shoot this year where I’ve not connected with the family in some way, and I’ve always come away feeling like the kids I’ve met are my new best mates. Having a rapport with them makes photographing them so much easier and more fun – for them as much as for me – and a relaxed, happy child is exactly what you want to photograph. This is why studio photography is not for me. Sitting them in a hot room under glaring lights and telling them to stay still is, I think, only ever going to be stressful for everyone involved, especially when we’re talking about toddlers! So these fun, relaxed outdoor family shoots are ideal for getting the best out of you and your little ones.

When it comes to newborns, I take a similar approach, but in your own home. I use what’s there (with the exception of a basket that I bring, for ease of positioning and moving the baby round without stressing them out) and I aim to grab a little slice of your life in those crazy early days, when everything is new, and quiet, and surreal. I take my time, as long as it takes, and we don’t make the baby do anything crazy or forced, we just relax and see where it takes us, and then I make sure I record it for you, to keep forever.

So, these are my favourite family shots from 2016. They are some of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. I hope you enjoy them too, If you’re interested in an outdoor or home family shoot, please do get in touch.